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Starbucks Malaysia, Bangsar Village II / 7:30pm - 9:30pm

This season interviews guest personalities from various industries focusing on THE CHOICES YOU MAKE.

Yes, you read it right. It's an interview! That would mean our guest personalities are interviewed live, and you too get to ask your questions. We figured more learning and discovery happens in a dialogue. So we encourage you to come with questions, come with your friends, and have some fun, learning with us. This season will feature leaders with business acuity of great mastery.

18 December 2014

Education & Career
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Why Come?

Your space for discovery, possibilities and celebration!


The LIVE & INSPIRE series holds a concept of "unconferenced" talks set in a casual “over coffee” environment. Every month, in a stint of an hour, we bring you bite size content, interesting and interactive sessions that add value to human potential and personal growth. The session focuses on the examples of ordinary people who have lived the extraordinary. It will highlight inspiring leaders from various industries highlighting growth and transformation. These are individuals who live the exemplary paths of growth and flowering, a great way to celebrate human potential.



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The Flow

7:30pm - Registration
8:00pm - Acoustic Unplugged
8:30pm - Interview Session
9.00 pm: Q&A
9.15 pm: Lucky Draw
9.30 pm: End


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